These creatures are completely opposite to natives No 1 - mosquitoes.
They aren't people friendly, can't be completely tamed ,
do not fly and prefer the human meat to human blood.

The most impudent of them can become the man-eaters,
though such cases are rather seldom.
One of the most famous within Kolyma Land was at August, 6th, 1997:
the unknown bear made himself a launch from the man
directly in the traditional territory of magadanian's rest,
being placed only 17 km from Magadan city.
As a response on this escapade, the indigned magadanians organized
the real bear massacre at this place.
Was the insolent brown fellow among the dozens of killed natives ?2 -
nobody knows...

Nevertheless, the bears are the most close human neighbours
in Kolyma Land. They often visit the dust-heaps in the villages
and even in Magadan city in search of something tasty.
The meeting with them isn't a good omen for magadanian,
especially in the forest.

At the summertime the bears are crowding on the numerous
Kolyma Land rivers for salmon fishing. The river water at this time
is brown from the backs of salmons, hurrying from the ocean
for spawning. And the brown fishermen are sitting in the water
and simply pick up the salmons by their paws as in supermarket:
just as that one on the photo.

Magadanians do not like them.

But they are the colourful part of Kolyma Land reality.