Flying Native
A very friendly creature in respect to human beings.
Likes to kiss each human person passionately. 
Can be tamed easily and eats from his master's hands,
preferring them to alien ones.
The tamed mosquito can live in the house
and does not require a lot of food to be fed,
being favourably compared in that sense with traditional dog or cat.

Mosquitoes are somewhat noisy interlocutors,
so some sensitive people do not like their company,
using the chemical repellents to shorten the time of contact.
Such behaviour of people's companion can offend the mosquito:
similarly to human creature in the same situation.

Mosqutoes of Kolyma Land, being its most numerous natives,
are known not to be unforgiven towards people's dirty chemical tricks
and try, as a rule, be in contact with the human forest's guests
despite of all successes  of world chemical science.