The small Russian tribe,
living in the whole world, but belonging to Far East of Russia.

The number of MAGADANIANS - maybe 300 or 400 thousands, no more.

The eternal capital and center of Universe for all
from the first day of life to the last one:
the city of

How MAGADANIANS can be identified among other people?

1) by the extreme passion for travel;
they are the nation of eternal vagrants by origen and definition.

2) by the frequent word "materik" (="continent" in Russian ) in the speech:
for the real MAGADANIANS all the Universe is divided in two parts:
"Magadan" (the capital) and "materik" (all other).

3) by the behavior in the end of August:
all MAGADANIANS have their national meeting each year
at August, 31th at 06.00 p.m. in the deep province of Russia:
in the square of Bolshoi Theatre in the city of Moscow,
being 7400 km far from their beloved capital of Universe.

4) by simple feeling of related soul, even in the far distance
(for MAGADANIANS only!)
So we are living:
the nation of airports
and crossroads...
....dreaming in each point of the Earth only about
our cold and severe, terrible and killing 


being nevertheless the most warm and beautiful for us all.

We have no other land on the Earth.

We need no other land on the Earth.

So we are - MAGADANIANS.