The shore of Baikal Lake, December, 2002
Serge A. Kroupoder
born at 01.11.1954
Magadan City
Kolyma Land, USSR
Net and ICQ nick: magadanian
ICQ UIN 24657104
MSN Messenger: magadanian


Professional chemist:
Ph.D. since 1985,
67 scientific works in organic chemistry of sulphur and phosphorus,
chemistry of new materials for microelectronics
and electronic structure of organic compounds.

Professional specialist in chemical education:
the member of the National Council in Chemical Education of Russia
since 1996.

Professional journalist:
the correspondent of Evening Novosibirsk
and some other Russian newspapers
since 1988.

Languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Polish

Left Russia forever on July, 28th, 2003
for political reasons rather than economical ones:
as a normal person, I cannot coexist within the same country with
the restoration of the power of KGB-FSB and the criminal war in Chechnya.

Since August, 15th, 2003:
the professor of Chemistry of the
College of Bachellors,
city Tuxtla Gutierrez, state Chiapas, Mexico
The journalist travel in Siberia. June, 2001